Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crocheting the Blanket

The squares are all in neat rows.  And now the rows are gradually taking shape, with some unrequested assistance from a small helper (I later had to untangle my ball of wool.  Several times.  But it kept him happy and involved, so never mind!).  It is rather bulky, 56 squares of woolen blanket.  Currently it resides on my bed, but I will have to relocate it back onto my desk again before I can go to bed.  Then work out where to put it in the morning so I can get my computer open to study!  Ah, but I do so love seeing the vibrant colours, the neat rows, the tidy stitching, and my heart feels good knowing that a child will smile with delight when they see it.  They will rub their fingers over the warm, soft wool, and know that someone thought of them.



MaxineD said...

What a wonderful wee helper!! And a delightful blanket.


Elizabeth said...

Looking good - go Munchy!