Sunday, August 21, 2011

We're in the Paper!

My wonderful husband contacted our local weekend paper, and they wrote an article about us doing Live Below the Line (sadly, Boyo was at Polytech when the photo was taken)!  We've had lots of people comment that they saw us in the paper.  It is one of those papers that a lot of people just pick up for a nice weekend read, so a great place to be featured.  Isn't it cool?!?

Replace grey smudges with 'Boyo'!
Please note: the information in the article about our weekly food budget is incorrect.  I was asked how much we spend each week, and replied that I don't know but we hope to donate $40 to Live Below the Line as that is how much we will save over the five days.  Our grocery budget is in fact $530/month, which is $17.10/day.  So that would make it $120 per week for the three of us...but we allowed $4/day for Munchkin (he eats quite lot, and the higher quality stuff we buy too) and the $20.40 we'd spend doing the Challenge, to come to a saving of $43 that we will donate.  The Sun just got a bit confused and added that $40 to the $20 for the challenge, forgetting it is 5 days, rather than 7 and does not include Munchkin.

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