Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Plant Strawberries in 10 Minutes

My previous strawberry plants kicked the bucket.  Big time.  Only one of about 20 plants seems to have survived. I don't know what caused their demise, but I suspect perhaps the compost was too strong?  I did mix it into the soil, and didn't use all that much...I guess I will never know.

My parents are amazing!  They generously came to my rescue on Sunday with a whole lot of replacement plants.  Only, that meant I had to PLANT them.  With assignments to do, baby to look after, and limited time, it took me till Tuesday morning to find 10minutes.  10minutes because that was how long Boyo had till he had to leave for Polytech.  I rushed outside, got the shed open, gloves on, handtrowel in hand, and go to it.  Might have been easier if I owned a garden fork.  I am hoping that in a month I might (my birthday is coming up!).

Quick weed.  Dig hole, hold strawb, fill hole, move onto next one.  Don't think too hard and don't worry too much about the plants.  If they are going to survive, they will.  Knock on the window from Boyo.  Five minute warning (he's keeping an ear out for Munchkin so I can be outside while he is still asleep).  Take photos for blog to prove I've done it.  Not so great, as it is only just light, but they will do. 

Water with hose.  Trim off old leaves, fruit and flowers (these are confused strawberries! it is winter and they have fruit!).  Throw some hay around the plants.  Put tools away.  Done!  Quick prayer that they all survive and produce us delicious strawberries this summer!  Boyo heads off and Munchkin wakes up.  The rest of the day awaits.



MaxineD said...

Oh Amy, you sure can work quickly - hoping with you that they all grow and bless you with heaps of fruit.

Adele said...

How you so vividly brought back memories of those early years! One quickly forgets and once again takes time and especially time to do what you want, when you want for granted. I salute you for all you manage and BTW strawbs need lots of sun (it might be the reason for the demise of the previous patch)!

~A. (aka The Queen of Avalon)