Thursday, August 11, 2011

All Crocheted Out

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So here you go:

Yes, I have FINISHED THE BLANKET!  I've even written a letter to go with it (complete with a few photos), and popped in a couple of knitted hats.  Tomorrow I will get a couple of tubes of toothpaste from my parents to add to the stash and will then be all ready to drop off the blanket on Tuesday afternoon.  I've been feeling a bit unwell the past two days, so crocheting has taken priority over study while I wait out whatever bug is trying to attack me!  Will be doing a big study blitz on the weekend though as Munchkin is having a sleepover at his grandparents.  His mummy is hoping to get quite a lot of assignment work done!

I can't tell you the relief in knowing I've finished one thing in the pile of things to do.  Knowing that the blanket will be able to ship out on time with all the others from around New Zealand leaves me feeling really pleased.  Proud of myself in fact.  I'm really still not quite sure how I managed to finish a whole blanket this past year.  I didn't really expect to.  After all, I was still finishing off the previous year's one a couple of months after the cut off last year.  It is a completely different matter finishing a blanket when you are a student with a baby to just working part or full time like I used to.  But I've done it, and it looks beautiful.  The only thing I wasn't happy with is that my wool ran out about 5cm from the end of the last strip!!!  So I had to use a different colour!  Grr.  (See it, bottom right photo above?). 

I just wish I could be there when they unload a truck of blankets at an orphanage in the Ukraine or Moldovia or wherever they are going this year.  Wish I could see joy light up the children's faces as they each get their blanket, as they stroke their hands over the soft wool and drink in the bright and cheery colours.  Priceless.  And even thinking about their joy, and the hours of warmth this blanket will provide both body and soul leaves me with the certainty that the hours of knitting and crocheting are definitely worth it.  Every single minute.  And yes, I will be doing it again!



Elizabeth said...

Yay - so proud of you!

MaxineD said...

YAY - Well done Amy!! It looks fabulous.
Hope you soon send the 'bug' packing and can so some serious catch up this weekend - for your sake :-)