Monday, August 22, 2011

Boyo's Live Below the Line Menu

Here it is, folks.  Boyo's menu.
He likes bread and he likes weetbix.  He's made a few concessions though.  No juice on the weetbix, just plain water.  And not even real weetbix!  This is a big deal.  I am NEVER allowed to buy Boyo anything but 'real' weetbix.  But this box is cheaper, so he decided to lower his standards just this once.  And the bread, well he never buys wheatmeal.  But there wasn't any grainy bread cheap enough when he needed to buy it last night so wheatmeal it is.

Boyo has $1.80 left.  He expects to buy another loaf of bread on Thursday to see him through the Challenge.  He is eating 6 wheatbiscuits for breakfast and dinner and 2-3 for supper.  9 slices of bread are spread throughout the day. 

There you go, folks.  Boyo is Living Below the Line!


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MaxineD said...

I must admit i was amazed to see it was not the 'real' weetbix, and wheatmeal bread - you have had quite some influence on him!! Once upon a time it was white only.