Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blanket Number Seven's Beginnings!

I am feeling rather chuffed about my knitting progress at present.
I've done quite a few squares. Fifteen to be exact.
I am trying to remind myself that just because I have over a quarter of the squares done for a blanket, doesn't mean I am going to get it finished quickly. At least a few of these squares were left overs from the last blanket, knitted in the wrong colour for my pattern by accident.
Plus there were the three or four I managed to knit in hospital before Munchkin made his arrival. But in saying all this, I have been making good progress lately. Since Munchkin started going to sleep a little earlier I have been doing a few rows of knitting most nights of the week.

I am really enjoying the freedom of no pattern restraints! You can probably tell from my squares that I am generally a symetrical, order-lover, but from time to time I do branch out and do random stripes. You used to always be able to tell when I'd amassed a fair bit of odds and ends in my knitting, as I'd end up with a single square of many, many stripes of different colours. This time round, I am trying to mix my odds and ends in with the wool given to me on my birthday, so that the blanket doesn't end up with too many similar squares.

Which is your favourite square? I personally really like the white, navy and brown one...unusual for me to like something with brown but I think the colours work well together.


Saturday, 29th January, 2011


MaxineD said...

looks good - your randomness is improving - I love the multi blues in the last photo.

Elizabeth said...

Oh - I like that one also, but I also like the pink/white/black one!