Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Day Happenings

We enjoyed our quiet Christmas Day. I find it surprising how many people asked how Munchkin enjoyed his. He, being 7 months old, was completely oblivious. Then people would say it must be so much more fun doing Christmas now we have a child. Ah, nope. It just meant that we had to remember he needs sleep every 2-3 hours, and feeding, and changing, etc, etc, etc. I guess it will be in a few years time, when he has some concept of the idea and actually gets excited about it. But we still intend on keeping things simple so the real reason we celebrate (Jesus) doesn't get lost in the hype.
We enjoyed a nice roast lunch together, but forgot to set up our stockings (opps...) so we ate the goodies from them during the day. We wrapped 2 shoe boxes. I wanted to do more, but as this ended up being the very last thing before bed, the desperate need for sleep won out over my more romantic ideals. I honestly can't remember what happened with the rest of the day. I think we went for a walk. Munchkin had a few sleeps. We had presents from Boyo's parents. Our church had a Boxing Day service, rather than a Christmas Day one. We didn't make even that as Munchkin crashed into a pile of rather long sleeps. I think that about sums up our Christmas: a relaxing day.

The highlight of the day for me was definitely wrapping the shoe boxes, even if I was almost needing to prop my eyes open by the time we got to do them. I also picked up a new wrapping technique from my amazing husband! See how neatly the sides of the lid are done? And all without any cutting involved, just fold over carefully like you would a present. I'd been carefully cutting and sticking and all sorts of things...this took a bit of getting used to but once I got the hang of it, it was much tidier and faster. Love it.

A couple of the little gifts we got to get things started for the year.

And another, with Boyo testing it out - works quite well.

Wednesday, 5th January, 2011

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