Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Generous Neighbour

This is what our lovely neighbour came and gave us a few weeks back. They had been away camping and did a fair bit of fishing and such while away:

This lobster (called crayfish in NZ) was a real blessing. Our neighbour is a very kindly soul, who is selling us her fresh eggs on a regular basis as well as giving us the odd garden produce from time to time. We gave her some cucumbers in return a few days later, despite her attempts to pay for them ("But you gave us a crayfish!" "Yes, but that's different!" "But these are just going to waste if you don't take them. We have so many!.."). I have since given away another 5 cucumbers to various friends. These from just one plant, which is successfully giving my parents, my husband and myself more cucumber than we can eat. The 3 lebanese cucumber vines are just starting to produce. I love lebanese cucumber and am thinking seriously of getting myself some feta cheese and dijon mustard to have cucumber on toast like I used to in Townsville. It is really rather delicious!
One of the things I love about gardening is the give and share mentality, and the relationships that can develop out of leaning on the garden fence. I feel very blessed to live where we do!
Monday, 17th January, 2011


Elizabeth said...

Yummy - so jealous!

MaxineD said...

Pity we did not come and visit when that cray was briefly in residence at your place! :-)

Yes the 'fellowship of gardening' is rather special.