Monday, January 17, 2011

Outdoors Work, Munchkin Style

Munchkin and I mowed the lawns in late December. Yup, we have only done this once. Generally it is a job done by Boyo. He is the lawn proud member of the party. Left alone, I'd probably get rid of most of the lawn. I do like a good lawn, but I think they take up far too much space that could be growing something useful, and too much time and effort for something we predominantely just look at. But I digress. We have a small electric mower, as our little patch is compact and easily accessible from the house. So Munchkin and I did the lawns one day. Here we are:

It was hard work for Mummy, and Munchkin did get his head bopped by accident on one low tree branch, but over all it was a successful venture. Munchkin was suitably entertained (he quite likes his backpack) and Mummy got a workout as well as proving she can mow lawns with baby in tow. Hopefully I don't need to do it too often though, it is hot work!


Monday, 17th January, 2011


Elizabeth said...

You're brave - I have never attempted (and won't ever) mowing our lawns here... however I did do them once or twice at the previous place!

MaxineD said...

Glad Munchkin enjoyed it as well as you - just as well it was not has hot as it has been today!