Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chew Bags

I recently got out my sewing machine for a very quick project, reminding myself that no one was going to be investigating my sewing to see if it was straight or not. I made about 5 chewbags for Munchkin out of some cheesecloth/muttoncloth I bought at a local discount store. My husband had a bit of a giggle as the bags are a mix of different sizes, as I tried to get a handle on how the cloth was stretching, but didn't want to throw out any attempts! I was trying to get them made as quickly as possible, and simply zigzag stitched round each one twice, having turned the tops over first. The idea is that you drop a piece of fruit in, and then knot the top. Munchkin is quite happy with the finished results. The past week or so he has tried orange, nectarine, watermelon and rockmelon. He has yet to fully grasp the concept that the yummy stuff is only in one end, but will happily chew on the unfilled end anyway as he likes to suck water out of similar cloths when he is hot and/or bored. In saying that, he has already worked out what they look like, and gets rather excited as he sits in his highchair waiting while I get one ready! To wash, I turn them inside out and empty any remaining contents into the scrap container, rinse under the kitchen tap, then add the chewbag to the rest of his normal washing. A successful project.


Thursday, 6th January, 2011

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MaxineD said...

Well done - and I am sure they will last just as long as any fancy bought ones :-)