Friday, January 7, 2011

Munchkin's Favourites - Continued

Here are a few more of Munchkin's favourite toys. I would like to add a disclaimer here, that not all my son's toys are either handmade or things found lying around the house. He does have some nice, proper baby toys too. But I figure that they are pretty standard so you don't need to see them. I recently got him three new toys as we realised that he is kind of outgrowing all his newborn toys and needing things with a little more challenge. He now has one of those metal and bead toys where you thread the wooden beads over the turns in the wire. He also has some 'peekaboo' cubes that have animals inside to look at, and a plastic giraffe tower to 'post' them all into. And the final toy is a very cool triangular thing that suctions onto the highchair, one side having a mirror, and things that whirl and make noises when pushed or rolled, and the other side has 4 little maracas that you can take out of it (for want of a better discription), each a different colour and shape with a different sounding noise when shaken. He is rather taken with this toy, much to my delight. I am rather thankful for the nice lady at the second hand store finding it for me!
So now that I have made my disclaimer, here are a few other recent favourites:
An empty chippy bag has given hours and hours of entertainment. The first one got left behind on a trip away, but has been replaced by another (Mummy and Daddy having terribly hard task of emptying the bag of our favourite chippies first!).
This is a wooden spoon. You might find it hard to see, as it was moving rather fast. A very versitile toy, this should be a gift to all 6 month old babies. Option A: eat it. Being wooden, it is nice and hard, and safe to chew away at to help those sore gums. Option B: wave it around madly (and see which unfortunate relative you can bop unsuspectingly!). Option C: Bang it on things. Option D: Throw it off your highchair and see where it lands. Option E: When tired of all else, eat it again...just don't push the narrow end in too far or you might gag. Munchkin is now a verteran wooden spoon user. He has his own one, just for him. I don't particularly want to share his dribble any more than is necessary.

A recent creative project, I made some formula drums. They used up a few of the empty bazillion or so formula containers we have. I simply dried some rice and chickpeas in the oven for awhile, then glued the lid on once they were in the drums. I then covered it all with fabric and finished it off with a ribbon to help keep the lid secure. The masking tape down the sides is to doubly secure the material with such a small eating machine to contend with. Material costs: Ribbon and a couple of small tubes of glue. I had everything else on hand. These are currently being rolled around the floor, or hit with the wooden spoon (with assistance from Mummy most times). Oh, and eaten, of course! They will hopefully last a few months so Munchkin can use them more as he gets older.

So there you have it, a few more simple toys.


Friday, 7th January, 2011


Elizabeth said...

Has our Christmas package arrived yet? Hopefully, in time, he'll get lots of use out of those also!

MaxineD said...

As ever - the simple toys are often those most used - but what a hard job to provide a chip bag for him to play with!! :-)