Sunday, January 9, 2011


It is with great pleasure that I announce I have FINALLY finished blanket #6 for Operation Cover Up!!!!!!!!!
Here it is:

I ended up using twisty orange wool around the edges as I'd run out of white. I rather like the quirky touch it adds and kind of wish I'd used it instead of the white on the rest of the joining. This is not my favourite blanket. It has taken about 2 years to complete, due to moving, having a baby, and studying (I knitted other squares while this wool was in boxes). I only chose these colours because that's what was available when I was starting the blanket, and I've had so much trouble with the pattern, having to change it several times. But regardless, a child somewhere is going to think this blanket is just marvelous. It will keep them warm on snowy nights. They will be able to snuggle up and remember that somewhere, far away, someone loved them enough to knit a blanket just for them. That is what matters, really. I am so glad to be finished. I have been knitting a few odd squares for my next blanket, but now I can finally let myself get involved in what time I do have available at any rate. My next blanket is going to be a random (as in, random squares, no pattern and no set colours, other than what I have been given to work with already). I've had enough of patterns for now. Grin.

I am really quite chuffed with myself for finishing such a big project, and despite so many set backs and other things claiming my attention.

Sunday, 9th January, 2011


Aynsley said...

I have decided after many many years of saying "oh I couldn't knit to save myself" that I am going to learn to knit this year. Maybe peggy squares would be a good start... what size do you make them?? perhaps I could send you some for the next blanket - that way at least i know I am doing something useful while I learn.

Elizabeth said...

congratulations - it has been a long road with this blanket! Good work for sticking with it!

Amy said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
Aynsley - it would be fabulous if you'd like to do some squares. I had grand plans of learning to knit really well, but have concluded that I enjoy squares so much I don't want to anymore. Grin. They are relaxing. You use 4mm needles, and cast on 40 stitches. Cast off on row 80 which should get you a rough square. You can do them plain, striped, multicoloured, etc. I do a cast on taught me by Maxine, which is nice and loose so easy to crochet together at the end, but I can't remember what it is...can ask if you like. Use 100% pure wool or as close as you can get in 8 ply (double knit). Spotlight often has cheap wool brand name 'pure wool' (cheap being $3-4 a ball - which will do you a square and a bit). Yay, very exciting - hope you enjoy your endeavours! Amy

MaxineD said...

Well done!! yet again.

I dare you to do a totally random blanket - I just can't see you doing that, even if that's how you start out! Prove me wrong ;-)

Amy said...

You're right. It does go somewhat against the grain. In fact, looking back I think only my first 2 were totally random, the rest have all had patterns of some sort. ;op Will have to see how I go! Thank you for the challenge!

Val Howard said...

Hi Amy! LONG long time since we had contact & I wonder if you remember me from Townsville BNI?

Anyway I am totally inspired by your blanket efforts and would love to do some myself. I have some squares that my daughter began knitting years ago, and I've been looking at wool in the supermarket on & off over the last few weeks - and you know what they say about coincidence - and now here I am ! Fantastic eh!

So any tips or advice you can give would be great, and also how many squares make up a blanket? AND once completed where do you send them (as in, is there an organisation that takes them?)
Warmest regards from Val

Amy said...

Hi Val, instructions coming as a blog post! Lovely to see you!!!