Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pencils and Rulers and All Things Stationery

Warehouse Stationery is having its annual 'back to school' sale until the 9th. I duly headed out yesterday and got the stationery for my Christmas Child boxes this year.
Only they didn't have the pencils I wanted to get. Apparently not received yet. Grr. I will have to try again on Saturday. In past years I have just got cheap packs of 12 pencils and split them into my boxes so the kids get 3 or 4 each. But having seen what cheap pencils are like on my practicum (teaching experience) earlier this year, I really want to get them some decent quality ones this time, even though that means they will get less. Cheap pencils break frequently, particularly when being sharpened, so get used faster and therefore aren't such a savings after all. I also haven't managed to get any coloured pencils. My budget is a bit tight at present so I've had to leave them for now, although I'm still hoping I can find some more money over the next few days so I can get some.

So this year's boxes have an exercise book, a notebook, a small eraser, a metal pencil sharpener, and a plastic ruler.

It doesn't look particularly exciting to my gift-giving eyes, but I know that most likely these will be the gifts that mean the most to the children who receive them, as it means they can go to school. They will treasure their stationery.


Thursday, 6th January, 2011


MaxineD said...

Hmmm - I have to wait for the general Warehouse and the supermarket have their back to school sales.
Thanks for the thoughts about the cheep pencils!!

Amy said...

It looks like the Warehouse may also be having a sale, Maxine...our local catalogue seemed to indicate that there was up to 60% off, although I didn't find any specifics amid the toys, clothes, etc also on sale! Amy