Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Good Week

It’s been a pretty good week.

Study?  Check.  Going well.  Much better than last week.  Whew. 

Kindy?  Check.  Two six hour days.  Two afternoon sleeps (WAHOO!).  One set of wet clothes (water and sandpit, who can resist such a combination?!).  One very tired boy.  Who now has a cold cum chest infection.  Groan.  One follow-up eye appointment and the conclusion there’s not much use in trying glasses.  Some exercises to do instead.  And the realisation that I have been struggling with this self-same issue intermittently for the past ten years.  It would have been helpful for someone to suggest exercises at any time during the previous three eye checkups!

We did our last blueberry pick this year.  Munchkin picked and collected in his own bucket!  This is the first time he’s managed to leave the blueberry patch with blueberries (other than a tummy-full of course).  Rather proud Mummy.

We've also been eating quite a few passionfruit.  At $1-2 each from local shops we feel rather privileged to have a ‘free’ supply from my parents place.  Delightfully delicious.  Even this funny flat one, that grew wedged between two fence palings.   

We bought some new (secondhand) puzzles.  A number one, and a lower-case alphabet one seeing that this helps Munchkin’s current interest in both.  They are both nice big floor puzzles.  Fabulous.  And in the process we were given an amazing machines floor puzzle too!  It is a little well-worn which is why it was given not sold, but we are certainly not complaining about that.  Such a blessing!  Thanks God!

 We had a visit to the library.  This was in fact to get several books Mummy needs for study, but of course we also came out with over ten books for Munchkin.  Some very cool titles.  I even brought home one that is far above Munchkin’s interest and understanding because I knew Boyo would find it funny.  Yup, he did.  Grin. 

Munchkin has been loving hiding in Mummy and Daddy’s bed.  It is, of course, always better with company!  He doesn’t seem to mind the heavy feather duvet that both his parents find a little over-warm. 

We’ve spent a fair few hours playing in the conservatory with cars and garlic stalks after I stored away our dried garlic.

Munchkin and Mummy went to his swimming lesson this week. Bit of a disaster really.  He cried for well over half the class.  Not a normal Munchkin reaction…at least not one that lasts that long.  But he did rally in the end and enjoy going down the slide into the pool.  I am attributing the tears to not feeling well and being a bit overwhelmed after preschool this week.  He had a runny nose at that point.  The cough and wheeze developed yesterday.  A kind friend reassured me that her youngster has spent at least one or two swimming lessons in tears, usually followed by a lesson in which they love every moment.  I am not alone.  Other parents are not wondering what is wrong with my child.  They are cringing in empathy!  Grin.

We had the huge blessing of a flying visit from one of my brothers, in town for exams.  He loved seeing Munchkin playing with toys he himself grew up with, and was duly appreciative of Boyo’s bacon and egg pie for dinner.  We really enjoyed talking politics, economics, and more with my dad and bro once Munchy-baby was in bed.  A bit sad he has gone already, as we don’t know when we will next get to catch up in person.

We visited Mamma and Poppa and had a lovely time playing with playdough, reading books, and driving things down their back ramp and around the yard.

Look at these amazing marigolds in Mamma's garden!  Wow!

We’ve had several ‘treat free’ weeks.  Background:  Munchkin has been toileting for a year now, but when we changed from potty to loo we found he no longer wanted to do number twos.  Not exciting.  So Boyo resorted to bribery.  Genius.  Munchkin was very excited to receive his ‘little treat’ on each event, as he doesn’t get them otherwise (they were a small jellybean).  But we didn’t want the ‘I need a treat to perform’ habit to stick.  Grin.  So when that batch of jellybeans ran out Munchkin was allowed to choose a new one, either dried apricots or chocolate coated sultanas.  He went with the apricots.  He just loves them and they are not a standard food in our house at present.  Then when they ran out we simply haven’t replaced them.  We did lead him into it by saying they were nearly run out, etc and if he’d really rebelled apricots probably would have mysteriously reappeared, but the toileting is going just fine with praise and high fives, and the Munchkin has only asked a few times for his apricots and doesn’t seem unduly worried when informed that they ran out.

So that’s the good news.  But on the other side of things, we’ve had two wet beds in three days this week.  You’d think that a boy who had such terrific bladder control would manage a day sleep without a nappy.  Nope.  He falls into such a deep sleep, poor boy has to be woken from a puddle after a couple of hours.  I’ve gone back to nappies.  It’s just not worth the stress of changing sheets and mattress protector several times a week and my poor baby waking feeling all wet and smelly and yuck.  I guess one day he will be ready and until then I just need to wait it out.  Sigh.  I was so hoping for a nappy-free winter.

Munchkin has had a few ‘outside baths’ this week with the weather being warmer.  He also had an impromptu shower when the garden was watered!  Lots of fun!

My boys have had their therapy this afternoon (Sunday), a good occupier for a hot day with a sick boy.  First some cricket, then some car racing on tv.  Munchkin was much more interested in the racing.  He’s now racing his own cars up and down the lounge while Daddy sits on the floor watching the rest of the racing and Munchkin at once.  Apparently there is now a racing digger involved.  Gotta love it!


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MaxineD said...

WOW - you really did have a busy week - as did Munchkin!!
Unfortunately Poppa did pick up the cold this time round :-(
Love and Blessings