Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is There a Goosebump On Me?

I was talking with Boyo earlier before heading out for my evening walk (a new routine I am still getting used to). 
I asked, "Should I wear leggings?"  I figured my spouse would direct me well, seeing as he'd just been out himself.  "Yes," he said.  Then, "No."  Ah, not really helpful my love.  Apparently it is for me to decide. 
I ended up deciding no.  I remembered that the last few times I've walked, even though sometimes I might feel a little cool while out there as soon as I came home I'd be warm as toast.  Warmer in fact, and need to strip off layers.  So I decided that it won't hurt me to be cold for half an hour.  Boyo laughed.  But seriously, I have finally worked out that I'm so worried about being cold, so used to being cold, so much expecting I will feel cold, that as soon as I feel even one lone goosebump I whip out my cardigan.  And then take it off again.  And put it on, and take it off.  Because of course it really is too warm and I just got a lone goosebump or two because the breeze is slightly (ever so minutely) cool.
So tonight I was brave, and went without my leggings.  It was cool, but not overly so.  I enjoyed the brisk air, and as I was walking the whole time I didn't really get cold. I did, however, have my headband on.  Feeling a little cool for half an hour I can handle.  Having earache for the rest of the evening I cannot. 
I feel a little jealous of Boyo.  He said earlier tonight that he hardly ever gets goosebumps and I know he practically never has had earache.  Me, on the other hand, can get earache on a summer's night from the lightest breeze.  I can have goosebumps for half an average day.  Even in summer.  This week, I've had goosebumps at least two mornings.  Maybe more.  I forget.  Suffice to say that funny little me goes around wearing a tshirt and pretty skirt, but with leggings underneath and at least one (sometimes two!!!) cardigans on top till lunchtime.  At which point the sun enters my house, my bloodstream, and my limbs and I suddenly start to feel a little stuffy and overheated.  Off come the leggings and cardigan.  Out go the windows.  And suddenly you can tell that it truly is a summer day. 
We won't talk about winter.  I am dreading winter already.  I chose a typical "Amy" photo for my study profile today.  I'm wearing a waterproof jacket, carrying an umbrella (and Munchkin on my back - it was awhile ago!), and wearing a wooly hat.  How typical.  That reminds me.  I need to get new fingerless  gloves before Autumn.  There's no way I want to wait until winter.  I wore out two pairs last year.  Literally wore them out.  Some nights I sleep in them.  Most nights I sleep in a wooly hat.  Arrgh.  I said we weren't going to talk about winter.  Remember?!

I'm going to revel in my short sleeves and skirt now for half an hour or thereabouts.  That's probably about how long until the warmth from my walk wears off and I decide to toss a blanket over my knees.

ps - here's that photo.  At least I don't let being cold stop me from getting outside, even if I do sometimes look like an Eskimo.  Grin.

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MaxineD said...

Oh yes, your dislike of the cold, and the way you wrap up is legendary! :-)
Blessings and love