Monday, February 4, 2013


The week in a nutshell?
Gearing up for study.

Getting our timetables and Kindy hours sorted.  It would help if Polytech would stop changing their schedule! Grr.  Big changes with both of us studying again this year.  We've only ONE WEEK between now and mid November where we are both on holiday at the same time.  You'd think that Tertiary institutions might decide to do something sensible, like follow the primary school calendar.  You'd be wrong.  The whole thing is a little archaic.  Frustrating.  We resort to doing things like asking that our church duties are on the same day (I help out with Munchkin's age group, Boyo does packdown or carparking).  At least that halves the number of Sundays we are committed, so we can occasionally use a Sunday to visit grandparents or finish assignments. I'm still waiting on my papers being available online...apparently today (Monday) is the day.  Then I can order a physical copy and see about any other study books I may need. 

But life is not all study.  Especially with a two and a half year old in the house.  In other news…

We copied Button.  With a Munchkin twist.

Then we looked at buttons.

Made more cards.

Picked blueberries.

Had haircuts.  Mine at a hairdressers, Munchkin’s at the Mummy hairdressing academy with assistance from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends – but I completely forgot to take photos of the process!  Here is an attempt this morning.

Paid the bills and bought the food.

Mixed enough flour for bread loaves for this month into two new bins bought for the purpose (hoping this saves us time and helps me not buy either too much or too little flour as I am rather prone to do).

Watered the garden and prayed for rain soon.  Even watered some of the lawn as between the dryness and guinea pigs it’s not looking so flash just now!

Munchkin had sleepovers with his grandparents.  They went to the grand opening of his Preschool!

Meanwhile, Mummy and Daddy celebrated nine years of marriage.
Walked round the Mount and had Copenhagen icecreams.
Played two different boardgames with two different sets of friends.  It’s nice to be able to go out without worrying over whether Munchkin will sleep at someone else’s house.  Settlers of Catan and 7 Wonders, if you are wondering.  Really enjoy both.  I'd love to buy them.  Yup, trying to work out how that can work.  I grew up playing board games and doing puzzles with my family, and have many great memories of it, so I'd love to have the same for our family now.  It's nice to have something you can do when people come for dinner.  We've also played Coloretto and Ticket to Ride in recent months...friends of ours being mad keen on board games, they teach us a new game each time we have a meal with them!  They also happen to be terrific teachers (which makes the process all that more enjoyable!), and own Seriously Board, the bestest ever board game shop!

On that note, I am being requested to read stories.  B for Baby is apparently involved.  Woof, too.  Better go and see what book has been selected then get onto the vacuuming!


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MaxineD said...

Sounds as though you had a busy week. Love the flour play :-)!! and the haircuts.
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for linking in again this week...

I love that you are doing this for me, really - well I don't know how to explain it, but it means a LOT!