Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snakes without Ladders?

I finished another blanket strip last you think it looks a little like a snake all curled up, waiting to strike?  That's what the photo made me think of.

I've now started crocheting strips to squares, working from the middle out...learning from experience I take photos of the order of each successive strip to be put together (the red stripes go in the middle of these two strips - can you see the pink bit of paper with my instructions?!).

I'm loving the multicoloured yarn I'm using to crochet it all together.  It's an acrylic, a bit of a concession on my part.

Still working on Munchkin's cardigan.  I'm now working on the front edges and collar.  With slow progress, and much debating with my wonderful Mother-in-law who is helping make sense of the pattern, adjust to my longer size, and provide various technical support not limited to unpicking, restitching, how to tidy buttonholes, and more.  Along with moral support and company of course.  The little owl was her handiwork, a gift for Munchkin put together while sitting with me knitting.


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MaxineD said...

It's nice to see the strips laid out - looking forward to seeing it all completed - I love your blankets!
Love and blessings