Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Latest Project

You know me.  I have to have a project on the go.  Okay, okay, so that's a major understatement. I  usually have multiple projects in various states of half-completion.  But I am at least better these days at eventually finishing what I started.  And learning not to attempt things such as quilts, dolls clothes, or anything else I am unlikely to finish!  Hehe.

Having finished my skirts, I launched myself straight into another sewing project.  The timing might not be the best, considering I also started study again recently.  But I figured I could always do a little bit here, and a little bit there.  After all, sewing is a bit like that anyway.

They are bags.   Drawstring bags.  I found some fabric off-cuts for a grand total of $4.  I'm able to make 9 bags and still have half the yellow fabric left over.  Wahoo.  I've made a pattern for them myself (and feeling really clever - here's hoping it does all work out!).  The idea is that they are just a little bit bigger than a 1B5 exercise book.  I had thought I'd make them as shoulder bags, but Mum  had the oh-so-brilliant idea of making them drawstring.  Really simple sewing.  No silly handles to worry about.  And the added benefit that the kids receiving these bags would probably get much more use out of something that does up.  They are for my Operation Christmas Child boxes you see.  My Mother-in-law met someone recently who helped deliver boxes, and commented on how little these kids often have to store their belongings in.  So I figured a simple drawstring bag would go a long way to helping them keep their precious gifts safe.  You can imagine my delight when I found such cheap, and lovely fabric to make them.

So far, they've been cut out.  Munchkin supervised.  The side seams were sewn up.  Then overlocked at Mum's.  My next step is to fold and iron the top casing for the drawstring, then I can sew it, and pop some ties in.  A nice simple, straightforward project.  Very fulfilling and satisfying.  If this goes well, I might end up making Munchkin a swimming bag on a similar principle at some point (I had one as a kid my mum made for me that I was prodigiously proud of!).

I'm just amazed at how good it feels to be gaining more experience with my sewing.


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MaxineD said...

Well done - and yes the children will love these!
Blessings and Love