Monday, February 11, 2013

This Could Take Awhile

Getting used to studying again could take awhile.  The realization has dawned upon me gradually over the past week. I am having to realise that I simply can't just do whatever I want when Munchkin is in bed.  That includes having a nap, doing a few 'odd jobs' here and there, or whatever else.  I need to study.  At least at present, while we are still settling him into kindy.  But we are getting there, and all still talking to each other so I guess we are doing well.  Smile.

So what did we get up to last week?

Argued with Studylink, WINZ, and IRD.  All on the same day.  Terrible.  Stressful.  Awful.  Horrible.  I am looking forward to the day we no longer need a student allowance or other income support.  But also grateful that we live in a country that does have some measures to assist us while we study.  If we lived elsewhere, it's likely we'd never leave the position we are now in, working and studying at night school or something for decades.  So I'm grateful. I just hate this time of year.  Every year we get issues with figures not being right, etc.  Every. Single. Year.  Something different each year.  But all stressful.  Thankfully, this time round we might have 'won' at least two of our three battles.  Thank God.  It appears someone (who I have, I admit, been calling a moron for the better part of the past few days!), managed to input our data with me as a full-time student who didn't qualify for a student allowance.  When actually I'm a part-time student.  This makes quite a big difference.  Hopefully it is now sorted out.  IRD, I am not so sure about...but we can at least live with that reduction in income.  I must also add here that I spoke with not one, but TWO incredibly lovely girls at Studylink who were appropriately sympathetic to our plight and competently sorted out the issues for us.  VERY THANKFUL.  Just waiting for the official letter in the post before we do a jig of happiness and relief.

Started study.  Ordered lots of books.  Picture books and chapter books.  Not my usual study resources, but a delightful change!  One of my papers is Children's Literature, so I get to read some old favourites and hopefully find some new ones too.

First morning at kindy then first morning alone at kindy.  (Disclaimer:  When I refer to ‘kindy’ or ‘preschool’ I’m talking about early childhood care – in NZ kindergarten is typically for 3-4 year olds, sessional in nature, with fully qualified staff and good learning focus around a free play philosophy where teachers come alongside children and talk and learn with them as they play or work on projects.  Preschool is early childhood too, more likely to be full or part-day and starting from as young as a few months old.  Munchkin’s going to a preschool.  We can choose the hours, but it has mostly qualified staff, and a lovely learning environment that is mostly free play with some short mat times, meals, and feeding of the preschool animals.)

We all survived.  Munchkin, however, was wiped out by just three hours at kindy.  Argghhh.  Making adjustments to kindy days to try and get them separated so we don't get major tantys from overtired boy!  Also making sure that kindy days have quick and easy dinners, early bedtimes, and hopefully that will all help a lot.

A tree fell down across our walkway entry in a bit of wind.  Not a lot of wind, but the other half had collapsed awhile back so this half was probably feeling a bit on the wobbly side!  Quite exciting having to squeeze past it.  Boyo even managed with his bike...we do have an alternative route but there's a lot of steps and it takes longer so we just maneuvered our way around.  

from the top

from the bottom

I had to give up morning walks when I realised it really is getting too dark at six am to be out and about alone.   Sigh.  I'd only been doing it for a week or two anyways and now I have to find a new routine already.

My view on my last early morning walk, from the top of our walkway access

Made Two Ingredient Cookies.  Twice.  And ate them all.  Twice.  Not just me!  Me, and Munchkin, and Boyo.  This could become my new addiction.  It is easier, faster, and better for me than chocolate pudding.  Grin.

Went to the park as a family.  Munchkin was disappointed the model trains weren't running, but not too much.  Walking along the top of the hill with Daddy where they are making a new track was pretty exciting.  And he loves playing on the big playground too.

Munchkin had his first ever swimming lesson.  His grandmother is taking him.  Apparently they had a blast after he got past the 'this is a new place so I'm going to cling to you like a limpet' phase.  

Had my eyes tested.  Apparently there's nothing really wrong with them.  They haven't deteriorated in the past three years.  So WHY am I getting blurry vision?  Ah, apparently that might be my eye 'fusion' - or the ability of the two eyes to hold focus together on things.  Mine wobble about a bit.  Probably always have to be honest, but I'm really noticing it at present.  They tried a prism thing but it didn't help enough.  I'm going back after a day of studying to see if the same technique has any benefits when my eyes are really tired.  Otherwise, I'm going to see if my dad's monitor is as blurry as my laptop one when plugged in...apparently if it is, that means my graphics card is dud, if it isn't that means my screen is dud.  All helpful (thanks to my brother-in-law for the info!), as if it is just the screen we can buy a cheap one to use until we find funds for a new laptop.  Other suggestions were to use some artificial tears (did you know that when you look at a computer you don't blink often enough, so that means your eyes dry out?  Neither did I!), split up my study into smaller segments (yeah, right), and get more sleep.  Ugh.  We are trying.  Very trying, as my husband would say.



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MaxineD said...

Oh Amy what a week you have had!!
All the best with working/organising around kindy and study.
Blessings and love