Friday, February 8, 2013

Burlap Bag's TWO Ingredient Cookies

My Mother-in-law sent me the link to these TWO ingredient cookies earlier this week, along with rave reviews!

As I had two slightly over-ripe bananas on my bench, and hate eating ripe bananas, I thought I would give it a go.  I figured it’s a quick, easy recipe for Munchkin to help with and sample.  Grin.  Usually we get problems with things taking too long to either mix or cook (or both!) before his attention has gone, or he really desperately wants to eat whatever we are making. 

The idea with this recipe is to use oats and banana and then pop in a little bit of whatever you feel like.  I got quite carried away reading all the comments on The Burlap Bag’s post…people were adding vanilla, walnuts, pecans, craisins, maple syrup, spices, all sorts really!  I managed to be very self-controlled and only added a LITTLE extras as the tutorial warned that too many will stop the biscuits sticking!

I made it with:
2 medium sized, quite ripe bananas
1 c rolled oats
1T each of sultanas, choc chips, and coconut
½ t cinnamon



I added around 1T more of oats to get a good consistency.

Blob and squish (blob with wooden spoon and finger, use finger to pat into a more ‘cookie’ shape).

Cook.  I did ours at 170degrees Celsius, for just under fifteen minutes.  I think I have a hot oven so am learning to watch closely and check my biscuit ‘bums’ as last time I tried cooking choc chip biscuits I had to throw out over half as their bottoms were charcoaled!

Eat.  Lots.  And lots.

Munchkin thought they were fabulous.  Boyo has yet to give his verdict.  I quite like them.  Making them again, I’d probably add a pinch of salt.  They were quite sweet without needing any extra sugar, seeing as there was banana, sultanas and our cheap, sweet choc chips!  They were super easy to mix, super easy to cook, and super easy to eat.  Pretty healthy as far as baking goes too.  Very healthy in fact. 

So while this might prove to be a boring cookie if  you were to make it with just the two base ingredients, the real charm lies in it's versatility.  Don't have any chocolate chips?  No worries.  Chop up those few remaining dates instead.  Simply choose what you do have in the cupboard.  It's a great way of using up those 'little bits' we can so easily end up with in our pantries because there's not enough to use in anything.

My only caution?  Don’t make these if you don’t like the taste of banana.  If you like banana, then go and make some NOW.  And eat them all!



MaxineD said...

Glad it worked for you, but I must admit that it looked a pretty 'bomb proof' recipe, and I found it thanks to a recommendation from a friend on Facebook!
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

Awesome - I must look this up... haven't had a chance yet! Too many visitors and not enough time, seems to be my life-story at the moment (the lack of time cry anyway)!

Look yummy though!