Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Night O Knitting

I am just on the computer to sort a few photos.
Write a quick blog post (well, at least I always think it will be a 'quick one' - even though they rarely ever are!).

Then I'm heading to my comfy chair.  My polarfleece blanket.  Even though it really is a bit warm for that.  I just need a moment of peace and quiet.  It's been a pretty busy weekend at the end of a busy week and I'm feeling all rather stressed about the myriad of study/childcare/study/etc issues currently before us with the start of the study year.  Some empty brain space is what I need.

I'm going to knit my latest blanket addition, and watch a dvd.  I am currently wavering between Pride and Prejudice (BBC mini series) and Mamma Mia.  The blanket hasn't had much attention lately, with Munchkin's cardigan needing lots of work, but I've picked it up again recently and am really enjoying just knitting straight rows with almost no counting.  And definitely no pearling.  My poor hand really needs a rest from pearl knitting.

Here's the last batch of blanket squares I made...

I hope you are having a likewise quiet and peaceful evening!


MaxineD said...

Love those bright and cheerful squares Amy!! and it was a short post.
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

I simply can't remember what my evening was like then, but quiet and peaceful haven't described very many of them recently - unfortunately I seem to be super busy at the moment, and I am not sure why. Maybe I need to sit down and organise my time more appropriately, and then at least I know I'll get a few peaceful evenings!