Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Wrapped Up

Munchkin and I have discovered the benefits of wrapping.
He has been snuggly wrapped since day one, to keep his little hands and feet from flying around in his sleep. I have taken recently to calling him my little Tuperer. That is short for Caterpillar...it is a name I used as a child. I had some unusual words. Here is why I have resurrected the term:

My Little Tuperer!

As you can see, he does look like he's in a cocoon, especially with the wrap being green. I wonder what sort of butterfly you are going to be, my green boy?!

In the past week we have taken wrapping a step further though. Enter the carry-wrap. I'm not actually sure what you call it to distinguish it from simply wrapping him up, but anyway, the basic concept is that it is a long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and slide the baby into. I love that it gives me 2 free hands. I made this wrap out of 5metres of fabric before Munchkin was born and feel very satisfied with how well it works. It is too short for Boyo to use, being that much taller and wider than me, but we also have a gifted front pack which he can carry Munchkin in (which also has the advantage of being at least a little more manly than the wrap!). The only issues with wrapping that I see are that I have to be careful of my back because I am small-framed, and remember that Munchkin sticks out (i.e. don't walk into anything, squish him on the table edge, bend over too far, or otherwise forget that he is there!). Otherwise it is an incredibly useful item of clothing. Or should I call it equipment? Hmmm.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

Munchkin went to church for the first time on Sunday, cosily cocooned in the wrap. He is currently snoozing on me while I type this. I suspect that the wrap will be a common feature of our early mornings so that he can have some quality time and physical contact, but I can do at least a small amount of study and other little tasks before Boyo is up and around to join in with baby duties.

Isn't it amazing what a simple piece of fabric can be used for?



MaxineD said...

Yay - good to see your wrap is working, and to see that you are looking so well!!

Elizabeth said...

We have a front pack, and like you I have some times bent to far over or have almost bumped her into things... I have to remember that there is a little attachment to the front of me (not that I forget she is there - she is SO heavy now, it's more forgetting to accommodate for her)!