Friday, June 25, 2010


I was feeding Munchkin at some point recently and had some interesting thoughts. I noticed that he was gurgling and smiling away because the milk was on hand - he gets the wiggles when the cloth gets wrapped under his chin, knowing that means food is almost ready! I found myself wishing he would just smile at me. Just one decent, genuine smile for his mummy. I haven't had many and it felt like he was more interested in smiling for his milk, or his toys, than his mother. The smiles will come, no doubt. It probably would have stayed as just a passing thought if not for the ones that followed soon after. I found myself wondering if that is how God feels about me sometimes. I wonder how often I 'smile' at the things he provides, and forget to focus my eyes on his face. It can be so easy to end up mesmerised by the latest thing he has given me, that I can forget the giver in the process. I am sure that he enjoys our pleasure in his gifts - he is, after all, the ultimate giver. But I imagine sometimes he'd still like a littler personal attention, just because he is my spiritual parent and likes to spend time with me. So now, when Munchkin is gurgling away with pleasure at being fed, I remind myself to delight in just being with God, as well as enjoying all the good things he provides.



MaxineD said...

Thank you for provoking me to thought! Love your entries.

Little Bit said...

I found Lydia to be just the same - smiling at everything except us... but she has just started to smile at us also, not regularly (and definitely not on demand *grin*), but often enough that I know it is not random anymore! Yeah - so pleased! Won't be long now...