Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have made a start on crocheting the Cover Up blanket squares together!!!

The start of a strip on the blanket!

It is really quite a simple, straight forward project. I stick with the basics in both crochet and knitting and like to choose a contrasting colour for the crochet to make it stand out. So far, I've put together one strip (8 squares). I worked out that I have 13 strips to do, if you count doing the strips then putting the strips together into the blanket. So I've still a fair bit of work left to do. I might get a little more done today, and I'm hoping that on a visit to my in-laws this week I'll be able to do a bit more (more hands for holding baby = more free time for Mummy! Hehe).


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MaxineD said...

Hmmmm, now if I didn't know you better, and love Munchkin quite as much, I might foil your plan ;-)
I have a pair of multi-coloured bootees for the aforementioned child ready, too.