Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost Free Curtains

I have to do a little brag about my new curtains.
These are an example of frugality for you...

We had no curtains in the kitchen area of our open-plan living space in the unit we rent, which meant the nice warm air produced by the heat pump was escaping far too easily. The solution? Some new curtains!

One set of our new kitchen curtains.

These are made with discount fabric (I forget whether it was $3 or $4 a metre) that I bought to make a wrap to carry Munchkin. As I only needed 400mm width of the 5metres of fabric, I had lots left over. So my mother-in-law whipped up these simple curtains on her last day helping us out after Munchkin's birth. She and Boyo headed out and got some curtain wire and hooks, for the grand total of under $4, and he put them up. They are not the smartest, heaviest, or most well-wearing curtains you'll ever see but they definitely do the job we need them to do. And they cost next door to nothing, used a resource that I already had available, and help us conserve power. Thanks to my mother-in-law, this project was conceived, executed, and completed in a matter of days...something quite remarkable in a household with a newborn and recovering Mum! Grin. I am, naturally, quite chuffed.


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MaxineD said...

Glad I could help, and that they are up and doing what was intended :-)