Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby cards

I have been attempting to make some thank you cards this past week. They are for all the wonderful people who have given us things for Munchkin. We have been so blessed with many gifts of food, flowers, clothes, toys, and more! I believe strongly in showing gratitude and thankfulness when people help us with things, so this is just our little way of saying a big thank you to those who have so blessed us. Some are people we know well, others we have not actually met yet. But all of them have helped to make Munchkin's arrival home smoother.

For the cards, my amazing Mother-in-law kindly stamped up some little jackets and teddy bears for us, seeing as I'd not managed to organise anything before he was born and my focus since then has been on recovering from the birth and looking after Munchkin. All I have to do is put the little cut-outs onto cards. Here are my efforts thus far. I don't seem to get much free time to put towards it between feeding Munchkin, feeding myself, and things like washing, dishes, etc (and just as an aside, Boyo has been doing most of that household stuff to help me recover so it's not like I've had much to do really! But then looking after a newborn and oneself shouldn't really be classed as 'not much' as it is more than enough to keep oneself rather well occupied!). I think I will need to make at least 30 of these little cards so the project should keep me busy for some time yet.

Card making - one of my creative 'loves!'

Even though these are a bit rushed and simpler than I would like in my attempts to make sure they get done, I have still been enjoying the creative process. I hope you've found time to be creative lately too. Amy


MaxineD said...

Amy those look lovely - I am so glad that you have managed to make some time to 'be creative' - and that Munchkin is being co-operative in letting you get there!!

Aynsley said...

Yay... my sewing machine is back from being fixed...let the creating begin again!