Friday, June 11, 2010

Full On, Full Time

Being Mummy to a newborn is a full-time occupation.

Literally. I spend over 7 hours each day just feeding Munchkin. And that's not including all the extra cuddles, baths, washing, cleaning, feeding myself, sterilising bottles, etc...

This is definitely a full-time job! It is relentless and never ending. Last night I had a good sleep. Or rather, sleeps. We slept from 9 till 11, then from 12:30 till 3, then 4 ish till 6. Then I even got an extra half an hour or so snuggled up in bed after the morning feed. Bliss!!! I think it must have been at least double what I had the night before. This morning I actually feel sane.

Time for Munchkin to eat again.


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MaxineD said...

Oh Amy - well do I remember the days! I recall DH asking me one night how many times I had been up and I could not remember!!!... that was with the two of them, but.....
love and blessings