Sunday, September 8, 2013

Banana Bites

Here's a tasty little snack for the littlies (or not so littlies!).

Banana Bites, we are calling them.

They come from Nicola Galloway's book: Cooking for Your Child.  She calls them Banana Iceblocks.

Basically, you cut and freeze banana.  Then eat.  To make it seem more 'iceblock' like, add a wooden stick. For more exotic flavours, roll in yoghurt then coconut, or dip in chocolate before freezing. 

Munchkin loves them!

We made little short ones, using the toothpicks we already had.  

But they are really hard to get to stay in the banana, so I've since purchased some double pronged little wooden skewers for a couple of dollars at PaknSave.

Might have to try them out soon.  The last of the Banana Bites got eaten this afternoon!

This simple treat is so great for the kids to help make.  They can take responsibility for various stages of the making, and gain experience with the fine motor skills of cutting, rolling, and more.  And of course we can count how many Banana Bites we've made too!  Munchkin is just learning how to cut well, so loved being given the task of cutting the bananas.  He wasn't so keen on the rolling...he hates getting his hands dirty!

I imagine Banana Bites will be a delicious treat come the heat of summer!


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MaxineD said...

hmmm - those sound yummy. And of course you know where Munchkin gets the 'dirty hands' thing from don't you ;-)?
Love and blessings