Friday, September 13, 2013

Go Team New Zealand!


We are so excited to see our America's Cup team racing so well.  It's incredible seeing how fast those boats go, and the skill involved.

Boyo is an avid fan of most sporting forms.  He can't help himself, even if he wasn't terribly interested in the sport itself, he's such a number cruncher he'd get drawn in by the statistics anyway!  

We watched our first race at Boyo's parents, standing there in our jackets, hats, and shoes ready for a walk.  Couldn't leave until we'd seen them cross the finish!

Then there's been a few races since, watched in our lounge.

Boyo and Munchkin enjoy it greatly, and I must admit that I've been drawn in too.  The last time I really followed the America's Cup must have been over ten years ago now, and I'm just amazed at the changes.  Watching the catamarans lift out of the water on their foils, seeing the speed and dexterity, wow!

Munchkin has decided to do some yacht racing of his own.

He gets pushed or pulled round on the floor periodically, sometimes he capsizes, sometimes the sea gets too rough and the boat has to return to harbour, and once there was even a shark!

I just love how so many of the events of our days end up entwined into his play at the moment.

Hoping that Team NZ pulls off another two wins today!!!


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MaxineD said...

Don't you love it when play starts to incorporate their everyday world and events - it's as though you can see them processing things.
Love and blessings