Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bubbles Galore

What do you do with a sunny, but breezy day?

Make bubbles, of course!

And the very best bubble blowing material?

Budget dishwash.

From the mouth of a professional (okay, it was another student teacher, but I have now proven that they know what they were talking about!).

Ah bubbles...
Chase them.  Pop them.  Watch them shimmy over the roof top.  Squeal with delight as each new bubble emerges.

Then blow some yourself.

Gently now.  Close to your mouth.  But NOT touching!  Gently.  Not too fast, not too hard.  But not too soft either.  This bubble blowing business takes concentration and skill.

Bubbles are so much fun!


1 comment:

MaxineD said...

Oh yes - hours and hours of fun, but not when you get detergent in your eye - ask Boyo.
Love and blessings