Friday, September 13, 2013

My Office

In our new house, I now have an office.  I share it with Boyo, and Munchkin's toy cupboard and bookshelf.  It houses the printer, two desks, a shredder, phone, modem, my handbag, study folders, handcream, two african violet plants, and various small objects waiting to be fixed, repurposed, or returned to their rightful home.  It also still houses three half-empty boxes, the contents still waiting proper sorting.

But what it rarely houses, is me.

The office is cold this time of year.  It doesn't really get any sun.

And my desk, while very useful, is not so great at accommodating a large pile of study books, folders, laptop, and me.  It's okay when I'm just typing, as I am now.  Not a problem at all.  But trying to read a book on top of the laptop doesn't work particularly well.  And squishing the laptop to the side to make room for the book then means I can't get the mouse to work properly when I decide I urgently need to write that point into my essay!

So, welcome to my office:

The dinning room table.

I just love having a laptop and wireless.  It gives me the flexibility to do this, then when I'm finished for the day I can just pick it all up and plop it back on my desk.

And yes, those are all books for ONE assignment.  Not all of them either, I think I'd already returned some by then.  And no, the assignment is not yet finished.  It is drafted.  Very messily.  Got to get it finished next week.  Been working on a draft for another this week.  Which I really should go and read another two books for!  In my third office (aka my comfy lounge chair with footrest up and blanket over legs!).


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MaxineD said...

The joys of being a student - may your academic year end with success!
Love and blessings