Friday, September 27, 2013

What Do You Want?

I've been thinking about my blog a bit lately, and deciding that it is probably past-due for a revamp.  A bit of a tidy-up, some new pics, and a general make over.  The problem is that all this tutuing (fluffing around) takes time.  Time which is scarce for me.  There are vege seedlings to plant, food to cook, child to play with, husband to spend time with, and (the biggest issue) assignments to do.

BUT, I am going to get there, even if I at least tidy up the top tabs and nothing else.  Grin.

Please help me: What do you enjoy reading?

While I don't want this blog to become all about the numbers (how many followers, how many comments, and so forth), I still want it to connect with real people.  There's not much point having a blog if it is solely a personal diary.  I mean, I'd may as well just write it in Word on my computer.  I write primarily as an outlet for my passions, and to share things I've been up to, but part of the motivation for that is to inspire you, my reader.  So what inspires you?

Are you a foodie, or a greenie?  Do you like being encouraged to garden or go on walks?  Are you interested in ideas for playing and learning with young children?  Or do you like deep and meaningful, thoughtful posts?  Do you like posts tagged so they're easy to find, or do you use the search button instead?

Please, tell me what you would like to read.

And a special message to all my lurkers.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  You folks who read sometimes, or periodically, but with great stealth and silence.  You amazing folk who I know are out there, lurking in the shadows, devouring these blog pages, but not letting on that you are a closet blog reader!  PLEASE comment.  Even if this is the only time you do.  I just want to know what you enjoy about this blog.  Otherwise I might be tempted to stop writing, and that would be terrible (for me at least!)...

Looking back over my blog, my interests (and therefore posts) have certainly ebbed and flowed over the years.  I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to play and learning with Munchkin at present - a combination of his age and my training I think.  And I've been meaning to show you all glimpses of our low-chemical house for years, but just kept putting it off...but now my sister-in-law is starting out on this journey too, perhaps I will be more motivated to share what I do here?

Well, it's been a beautiful spring day.  Gusty wind.  Scuttling clouds.  Periodic bursts of warm sunshine.  I have a killer hayfever headache, but greatly enjoyed spending time outside with Munchkin and friends this morning. Picking daisies, taking photos, planting 'trees' in the sandpit, going for a walk down through our walkway.  It's a lovely day.


Seriously, please give me some feedback!  I promise I won't bite! Thanks, you're awesome!


MaxineD said...

I enjoy your foodie, gardening and family posts the most - and would love to hear your living simply tips and techniques too.
Love and blessings

Aynsley said...

Semi-lurker coming out to say hi! Please don't stop... I love reading about what you do especially your cooking, gardening and education posts. Also I love your Operation Christmas child and sponsor children posts... you are the reason we now do the Operation Christmas Child with Miss L!!!

Shirley said...

I am a closet watcher!! i just love reading all of your blogs. I really liked the photos of you reprimanding the chooks.
You certainly have a way with words. I promise i will try and comment a little more often!

Elizabeth Collins said...

Just keep being you... don't change what you write about, as that is who you are.

However, I am happy to help you with a spring clean and a front page makeover if you like! I don't have the knowledge to do much, but can help with a little bit of sprucing...

I love your blog, and even if you weren't my sis-in-law - I'd still be following you!!! Promise!!!