Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One Old Sheet

Item A: One slightly worn, older sheet.  Still in good nick, but has always been slightly too narrow for queen sized bed.  Retired from active duty.

Item B: Mummy wondering what on earth we can do on a mostly fine morning when we are not feeling particularly well.

Item C:  Small boy needing occupation for an hour or so (preferably without resorting to yet more digital media).



The perfect location found us in the front garden during our wanderings around the yard.  So after some time kicking the soccer ball around, I asked if he wanted a hut.  YES!  Aha, there are sheets kept in the linen cupboard for just such a need.  Enter the light yellow sheet, four pegs, and some tiptoeing from Mummy.  Instructions from Munchkin of course, and a good place to nestle in together once finished (along with requests to remove the branches from underneath us!).

The hut was of course only used as a hut for as many minutes as it took to erect.  But it was fun.  And it opened up a new avenue of exploration for my boy, who has never spent much time in our front garden, or in any garden bed between the agapanthus plants for that matter.  Play then became centred around his little plastic bike, morphed into a fire engine.  The hut became a fire station for a while.  Then the fire engine kept getting stuck in some bushes further down the yard, and the Mummy tow truck was called in to help (repeatedly!).

We had a lovely time outside.  We enjoyed some sunshine, which is great for the soul and for the vitamin D.  We had fun together.  Munchkin did some running around, some ball kicking, and some sitting in gardens.  All in all a great adventure.

The hut remained in the garden for twenty-four hours.  Just in case we wanted to use it again.  But it rained, so the sheet has returned to it's quiet life in the linen cupboard, dreaming of it's next big outdoor adventure!


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MaxineD said...

What a fun morning - and all the better for being outside :-) I hope you are both better very soon.
Love and blessings