Thursday, September 26, 2013

How's This for a Yummy Lunch?

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a nice lunch, especially in a hurry.  I don't know about you, but we tend to get stuck in the same old, same old rut.

Munchkin knows he will almost definitely get a Kindy Biscuit every time he goes to kindy.  He doesn't mind; he rather likes them!

But sometimes it's nice to find something different.  I'm trying to expand our repertoire of food, find ways to get us eating more greens and legumes (like chickpeas and black beans!), and get away from eating the same foods multiple times a day.  I figure that nutritionally speaking we would be better off to have more variety in our diet.

This is all on a tight budget, of course.  Without a vegetable garden producing for us at present, I'm really noticing how much veges are costing but still trying not to skimp on things I know should ultimately provide us with better health.

This was our morning tea when we planted the Big Garden recently:

Shared between myself and Munchkin, that meant half an apple, a gold kiwifruit, a kindy biscuit (surprise, surprise), and a container of nuts each.  Plus a container of hummus with carrots for dipping, and some sweet orange and brown sugar kale chips, and some savoury Morrocan ones.

Yes, it was delicious!

I am really wanting to dry some more kale chips.  Just looking at that photo makes me want to do it.  But the orange juice make a really big mess of the dehydrator, and I'm just plain tired.  Maybe next week.  I know they will probably be eaten within days, if not hours, of being made!


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MaxineD said...

.. and to make a mother's job harder, kids like the same old, same old and don't alway appreciate out efforts at a varied diet!! ;-)

Love and blessings