Sunday, September 29, 2013

Creamy Chia

Looking for something a little bit different for breakfast?

Why not try creamy chia?
It's amazingly high in Omega-3 and protein and provides a great start to the day.
It's fast to make and gluten free.

I found Creamy Chia through Petite Kitchen, here.
We've made our own personal alterations though, finding the coconut milk too rich for us to stomach.

Instead, this is how I make our Creamy Chia:

2 T chia
1/2c water
1c plain natural yoghurt (use flavoured if you prefer)
1 T honey (don't add if your yoghurt is flavoured)
1/4c fine coconut
2 T currants (or other dried fruit)

Start by mixing the chia seeds into the water, in a bowl or mixing jug.
Let it stand a few minutes till the chia absorbs the water into a gel.
I often make this while cooking dinner - it is SO nice getting up in the morning knowing that breakfast is already made!
Add other ingredients and mix.
Cover and refrigerate overnight (or for a couple of hours).
Serve with fresh or tinned fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I really enjoy it with cubes of fresh orange.  Munchkin loves his with babaco (but then he just loves babaco - a relative of papaya!).  You could try banana, tinned peaches, or frozen berries.

Chia is one of those amazing ancient grains that was nearly lost to us, and is now making a resurgence.  It is expensive compared to most foods I generally buy, at about $3.06 per 100g at my local PakNSave bulk bins (significantly more expensive again if you have to buy it in little bags of Ceres Organics or similar).  BUT, a very little really can go a long way.  To make this breakfast, the chia only costs 76c.
This recipe makes enough for Munchkin and I to have breakfast, any leftovers disappear for afternoon tea or supper but there always any!  Munchkin frequently asks for Creamy Chia for dessert now too, after having it once on a soup and toast night.


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MaxineD said...

I combine my chia with my soaked oats, yoghurt and dried fruit.
Love and blessings