Thursday, September 19, 2013


My bantams are free-loaders.  I didn’t mind it too much over winter, but this is really too much.

My big girls have been laying solidly for at least a few weeks now.  Reliable, hardworking chookies, they are.  

But my banties?  Nope.  Not an egg in sight.  A few days hogging the nest, looking hopeful but with nothing to show for it but air.  Lots of eating.  Lots of clucking around.  Flying (hmm, really should clip those wings again).  Hunting for bugs.  Telling the other hens off.  BUT NO EGGS!

Now I know that they lay less eggs per annum than the Australorps or the New Hampshire Reds.  But just a few would be nice right about now.  After all, I’ve been graciously feeding them without any real return for months.

I decided it had to stop.

I need eggs.

We had words.  Or at least I did, with one bantam at a time.  They were each strangely silent.  Madge had nothing to say for herself, except for a few ruffled clucks as she made her indignant way back into the hen house after being dismissed onto the ground.  

Midge similarly seemed uninterested in discussing this serious issue.  She was more interested in gazing around the back yard and avoided looking at me altogether.

Do you think that the fact they wouldn’t make eye contact indicates I’m being completely ignored, or they were instead terrified and intimidated into egg-laying compliance?!?

I guess only time (and eggs!) will tell!
(It's been several days and I still haven't seen any eggs.  Darling husband has suggested popping them into a frypan.  Wonder if that would do anything???).


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MaxineD said...

Definitely free-loading - tell them the pot is beckoning......