Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chocolate Fish...

We have our first official Chocolate Fish award for Freerice Week!!!!!!!!!

"Grads" you have won a Chocolate Fish for joining up and playing Freerice!  Congratulations!

Here are my recent additions/stipulations regarding the winning of chocolate fish:
Chocolate fish to the highest score at midnight Sunday, 12th February, 2012 (NZ time).

Chocolate fish to the person who can get the most rice in 5minutes (set your timer and let us know!).

Chocolate fish for whoever gets the highest level in vocabulary this week.

Chocolate fish to the person who gets the most correct answers in a row (no changing the levels once you start!).

Chocolate fish for anyone who joins up this week and answers at least 10 questions correctly.

Chocolate fish if you sign up two friends this week and they answer at least 10 questions correctly.
Lots of chances for chocolate fish.  Grin.  Boyo is still looking highly likely to take out the 'most rice in the week' fish - sitting at over 30,000 grains now (he is a machine people, a mathematical machine!!!).
But the rest are all wide open!

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