Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Continuing Soap Opera

If you have read my blog lately, you will know what the Soap Opera is referring to.  In case you have forgotten though, I am referring to the ongoing chook sagas.  Never a dull moment in Amy's life when she owns chookies!

First there were the cage-making episodes.  Including the one in which our heroine drills a nice round hole in the top of the washing machine.  And the one where she tries to drill a hole in her leg.  Ouch.

Then the go-and-get-the-chicks episode.  And the everybody getting settled in one, which included my parents going out there each night to put their birds to bed...rather than leaving them in the dirt at the far end of the cage which is where they seemed to think was their bed for a week or so!

Then there was Fred II.  Lovely little Barnevelder.  Just a slight problem with the noise levels and lack of egg laying.  Took him back and got our little sweeties - two Sussex Bantams.  Who I realised today are still nameless.  Opps.  Better work on that soonish.  So then they had to settle in.

Then there was the second crower.  Red Fred (aka Fred the III, previously known as Autumn, which name never did stick).  Only crowed once.  But once was enough to seal that boy's fate. 

So today was another episode in the chook-keeping saga.  We took Red Fred back.  Oh, the fuss as I tried to catch him.  After a bit of a chase around the cage, he then did the "ouch, ooowww, you're hurting me!" or at least I'm sure that's what it is in chook-ish!  I knew it was a good idea to make a cage door I could crawl through if absolutely needed.  Today was one of those days.   The only hitch was that I seem to have bumped the door in the process of catching the rooster, which resulted in Tui having a short, but brief-lived dash for freedom!  Thankfully Boyo was close by to detain her!

Bye-bye Red Fred.  We won't really miss you as you were never a really people-loving bird, but we wish you a pot-free life!
We have now returned with this little lady.  She's a grey Australorp.  I'm pretty sure there's a special name for that grey colouring, but I can't remember.  Munchkin wanted to stay and watch all the chooks, and say 'cockadoo' some more, but we had friends to visit before heading home to settle in our new girl.  She's now safely in the cage with the other three, in her own little isolation corner, just like the Banties were a few weeks back.  Didn't take long to set it all up again, thankfully.  We will leave them like this for a few days to get to know each other then let her in.

Hello, little lady.

Hopefully we will get some eggs soon and start on our extended season of back-to-back egg-laying episodes.  Grin.


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MaxineD said...

What a saga!! Your new girl looks almost a blue marbled colour. Hope she lays well.