Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who's In?

Freerice is having a big Freerice Week!

Next week, 6-11Feb.

The challenge?

Answer as many questions as you can.
Get as many of your friends to do Freerice as possible.
Spread the word, and learn some new words. 
And in the process, provide a meal to the world's hungriest.

I am contemplating a competition.  Winner gets...ah, um...I have no idea!  Can you tell that I only thought of it tonight?!?  How about a chocolate fish?

Okay, winner gets a chocolate fish.
Play Freerice, and comment on my blog to tell us how many grains of rice you did (you can keep track yourself - be honest! - or sign into Freerice and it does it for you).  The person with the most grains at the end of the week, wins a chocolate fish.  A real one.  I will post it out to you, I promise.  Provided I have your email address of course.  Chocolate....Chocolate...Chocolate.  Are you ready to WIN?!
Visit 6 Degrees of Freerice to find out more!

I've just signed up...that means I've committed to getting at least six of you involved in Freerice week!  So who's in?

Please join my Freerice page here!


1 comment:

Aynsley said...

We're in ... a good way to expand the vocab and test the chemical symbols etc while doing some good!