Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have worked out how to be friends on Freerice!!!

Simply follow the instructions under the FAQ page.  Duh.  All that time I spent fishing around trying to work it out for myself.

Here tis:
Easiest route if you are already part of our group, is to click on the name of each person in the group.  Then when their profile page comes up, click the little green button that says "follow".

How easy is that?!

If you want to find someone else, then

To add friends, go to your profile (http://freerice.com/user), click on the option to "Edit your profile".
Scroll down, above your Friends list you will see two options:
- A search box to search for friends already members on Freerice. Start typing their names, you can click on their name and choose to follow their activities on Freerice.
- A link to invite your friends on Facebook to join. You will still need to follow them on Freerice once they join using the search box.
You can also click on other Freerice player usernames and choose the option “Follow User”. This means that you will see updates in your Friends Activity list and see their ranking in your friends' ranking list.
Players are not notified when you follow them.

Now that we are friends (you did decide to follow me, didn't you?!), whenever you go onto Freerice you can click on the Friends Activity (beside Groups on the pale green toolbar) to see what I've been up to.
Have fun!  I wonder what cool things you'll learn this week.  I'm trying to get the countries of southern Africa sorted in my head.  And central America.  And Europe! Grin.

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