Friday, February 17, 2012

Drumroll Please!

Are you drumming?

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Supreme Chocolate Fish Award for Freerice Week 2012!

The winner is................


With over 55,000 grains of rice donated in the week, he left us all in his dust.  He was also the only one that referred a friend, and to top it all off, got over 20,000 grains in just one day!!!

Consolation prizes are also hereby awarded to Maxine (3,000 grains over the week although only 1,000 show in our group - congratulations!), Aynsley (5,280 grains - stirling effort!), and Grads (160 grains, signed-up-during-the-week award!).

Boyo's official total shows at 52,150, but he also had some technical glitches getting into our group, so his first 3,000 aren't listed.

He has already scooped up his prize, proudly displayed beside his armchair in the lounge.

Three chocolate fish (bigger than the little minnow in the photo, just in case you are wondering!  That was all I had available to photograph earlier in the week!).

Maxine and Aynsley can look out for your prizes in the post soon.  Yum, yum, yummy!

Thanks so much for participating, everyone.  I hope you enjoyed it, learnt some new things, and felt the thrill of helping someone in incredible need.  But don't stop now.  Keep at it, our few grains of rice each day or week really do make a huge difference to someone facing hunger.  And if you didn't sign up during Freerice week, you still can!  Get on Freerice, and make a difference!  You only need a minute, seriously.  Now who doesn't have a minute spare from time to time?!?

Amy (off to do 500 grains now, seeing as it has been a few days!  Then I think I will go to bed - Munchkin has a cold, and while he is a happy sicky during the day for the most part, he is NOT at night!!!  I can hardly keep my eyes open after two nights up with him and two days at work!).

My inspiration for chocolate fish comes, as always from Mrs Thomas in Mog and the Baby (by Judith Kerr): "You are a baby saving cat, and you deserve a reward." 


Aynsley said...

It sure is addicitive... will be doing some more this week. I need to try other categories to expand my knowledge a bit - time tables and chemical symbols are easy but some other categories sure show a gaping hole in my knowledge! Can we still log into your group? It might be fun to continue to keep track of how we are all doing.

MaxineD said...

I was surprised to see my name there - thank you for the recognition :-)

Amy said...

Hey Aynsley
I'd love to keep our group going!
I've tried to work out how the 'friends' button works on Freerice but so far have just had a spazzy computer so the group one might be the way to go...will let you know if we figure anything else out!