Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Crazy Busy Lives

Things have been more than a little quiet here in the SoonArmy blog lately, a sign of how busy we've been in 'real true life.'  Boyo has been working six nights a week.  Which is both a blessing and a trial.  Ever noticed that quite often answers to prayer can be their own trials?  Seems to happen fairly often.  You ask for something.  God gives it to you.  Then you wonder what on earth you were thinking!  Grin.  We asked for extra income, and here it is.  Now, I think we all secretly hope when we ask for more money that it will just magically appear in our letterbox or bank account.  But most of the time, it comes in the form of an opportunity.  One which we have to take if we want the income.  In this case, we did not find money in our letterbox.  Maybe another time.  This summer, we have to get off our couch and go to work and earn it. 
But it is a huge blessing, being able to earn it.  I think this nearly every day I work.  I remind myself to be grateful I live in a time and country where women can work (they often haven't been able to, you know) and where I am treated with such dignity and respect as a housekeeper.  So I am now reminding myself that it is a HUGE blessing that Boyo has work.  We've gone from incredible worry over our summer finances (think, thousands of dollars short of basic necessities!) to having enough to cover the basics, buy/replace some extras and give to help others.  Amazing!  Incredible! 
But also exhausting.  Let me explain:  Boyo gets home just after midnight.  He then comes to bed between 1-2am.  I have woken almost every night.  I am now getting up at 5:15am to do my early morning cleaning job (believe me, if I could do it another time, I would).  Boyo pulls his earplugs out as I leave for work, and hopes that he can just go back to sleep...if Munchkin doesn't wake up while I'm still out.  Once I get home, Munchy and I do errands and bits while we have the car.  We were at the beach at 8:20am this week.  It was beautiful.  Still and warm (unlike the last time I did that spontaneously!).  The other reason to be out and about is so Boyo can sleep in some sort of peace and quiet.  We then come home so Munchkin can spend an hour or so with his daddy before going to bed.  Boyo then heads off to work around 2pm.  I seem to be spending my time running from one thing to another, to another.  Errands.  Chooks.  Baby.  A few minutes conversation with my husband.  Washing.  Meals.  Boyo usually does the dishes, but is really not home (and awake!) enough to do much more.  So I've been making dinner in the afternoons.  Bought a crock pot.  Loving it.  Also bought a rice cooker.  Not so keen.  It seems to be crispy-frying the rice on the bottom.  Hmm.  I did set it up with our timer today so it was all ready when I got home...I can't tell you how nice it was to walk in the door from feeing the chooks and know that dinner was ready to serve.
So that's us.  One more week of madness, then Boyo has a week off.  Then he starts Polytech again.  Not that things will quieten down all that much.  But we will at least hopefully be getting better quality sleep!  You should see the list of things he is hoping to do during his 'time off.' name just a few!


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MaxineD said...

yup - dollars in the letterbox would be bliss :-)