Monday, February 20, 2012


Kids.  You gotta love 'em.

They sure do take a lot of work, so it's a good thing they come cute.

My baby is currently asleep.  Which is where I want to be too.  Where I plan on being shortly.  Afternoon nap time.  Bring it on!  Yay!
But I've been writing letters to our sponsored kids today.  And was horrified to realise that the last time I wrote was in OCTOBER.  Ugh.  So not cool.  These kids really don't take much of my time (unlike my own small fry who seems to be a time sponge!).

The thing is, these kids live and breathe for our letters.  Sure, it is great to give them money, help them get to school and have clean water and all that sort of stuff.  But you know what they need even more?  Hope.  Knowing someone believes in them.  Knowing someone out there thinks the world of them, prays for them, cares enough to remember their birthday and send them a letter from time to time.  Can't say I've been particularly good in that area.  I have it written in my to-do list every few months, but it is all too easy to put off, thinking it's too hard.  Thinking that it won't matter if they don't hear from me just yet.

But if you think about it, their families are usually on the brink of survival.  And that is not just Amy exagerating to make it more impacting.  They are.  They are just getting by, day by day.  If they can manage to pack their kid off to school today, they are doing well.  If they all got to eat today, they are doing well.  If there was ANY money leftover for tomorrow, that's a bonus.  So I don't imagine that people living in these circumstances manage much in the way of "You can do it.  You are amazing.  Follow your dreams." for their children.  They are probably too tired.  And too worried.

So that's where we come in.  We do have time.  We do have energy.  I know you think you don't, but believe me, you do. 

It takes me about 1hour to write to three sponsored kids.  One hour.  Every four months (when I remember to do it regularly enough).  Now, I know we are all busy and we are all stressed.  We do live in the modern world.  But seriously, we have half an hour every few months to sow into the life of another person.  You may be the only encouragement this child EVER receives.  You may be the difference between them finishing school or giving up, between believing they are valuable or worthless.

We can't change the world.  I wish we could.  I so want to!  But we can change one child's life.  The power of our words can change their life. 

So, I encourage you, write to your sponsored child today.  Don't have one or can't afford one right now?  You can still write to one.  Tear Fund is crying out for writers, for all those people who sponsor but don't communicate with their kids.  You could be a penpal.  Half an hour, every four months.  Change someone's life.  Isn't that amazing?  Such a simple, easy task can literally change someone's life.  And through them, their family, their community, their world.  And let me tell you, it is so nice getting a letter back, buzzing with excitement!


ps - Are you (like most of the people I talk to, myself included!) not sure what to write about?
How about some posts on ideas...things to write, easy things to do for your sponsored child, templates, etc?

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