Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Join my Free Rice Group!

Hey folks,
Well, the race is on!  Anysley has 1370 grains, I have 1300, Maxine has done 1000, and Boyo 3000.  Although Maxine and Boyo don't appear to have been registered to the group.  Boyo was most annoyed when I pointed out that the group record is not showing his stirling efforts.  He is adamant he signed in.  Ah, the issue appears to be that you have to choose the group too, for it to show under our group.

Like this.

You go to Free Rice.

You log in.

Then you click the little arrow to the right of the "Choose a Group" title on the pale green toolbar (above where you play the game, but below the Free Rice "for each answer you get right..." in dark green!).
You can then choose the group you want.  Our's is Soonarmy Freerice6.

Now, the trick that Boyo and I have discovered is that you actually have to choose that group each time you login, in order for it to record your grains under the group name.  Your grains will be recorded under your own name when you login regardless, but to be ticking over in the group, you need to "Choose Group" and physically click on "Soonarmy Freerice6" each time you play (the first time you will type it in, after that it will come up for you, but you still need to click on it or click the "Play" button beside it on the right). 

THEN when you are in the Soonarmy Freerice6 group page, you have to click on a little green thing that says "PLAY."

See here (the three green tabs on the right - the top one says "Play")?

This is what your screen should look like when you are all signed into our group:

See that pale green strip?  How on the left it shows me signed in as Soonarmy?  And on the right it shows Soonarmy Freerice 6 as my group (if I wanted to change my group, I'd click the little dark green arrow to the right of that)?  Try clicking on the picture to get a larger image.

Does that make sense?
I sure hope so!

Thank you all for your amazing Free Rice efforts!  Happy word hunting!  I hope you have fun!


MaxineD said...

Joined the group and did another 1000

Amy said...

It still isn't showing your rice - you are now part of the group, but showing at zero! Grr. So sorry for the technical glitches. Next time you sign in, check that it is showing "Soonarmy Freerice6" on the top right of your screen.