Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Competitive Streak

Well, I always knew my husband was a bit competitive.  Okay, so he's quite competitive.  But this really shows it.

He has done over 20,000 grains of rice so far this week!

He is now brazenly declaring himself beyond reach, and I suspect that he might be right.  Ugh.  I mean, it's not that I don't think we can all get to 20,000.  It's that he will be so annoyed if we do, that he'll do another 20,000, and 20,000, and 20,000.  Competitive, remember?!  Not that it is a bad thing at all to be competitive just now.  The more questions we answer, the more rice is donated to people who really need it.  So from my point of view, if Boyo wants to answer question after question on Free Rice when he's winding down after work, well that's a much better use of his time than just bumming round surfing the internet.  Better for his brain, keeping it actively occupied, and better for our world as something constructive comes out of his game.

I am thinking we will have some spot prizes (little chocolate fish). 

How many questions can you answer in five minutes?  Set a timer, and get to it!  Post a comment on this blog entry to let me know how you did.

We could do 'most rice in a day' but Boyo will probably take that out too.  Grin.  And besides, I've noticed that Free Rice is set up on Northern Hemisphere times, so our rice gets accumulated on odd times and days compared to when we actually do it.  Normally I wouldn't mind.  Just as long as it gets counted, doesn't matter which day it says it is on.  But that means it is hard to tell who did what on what day.

Highest number of correct questions in a row on vocabulary (because it is easier to get them right on the basic maths so we will stick with vocab for this one).  Start at level one, and see how high you get.

And a chocolate fish for anyone who joins today and answers at least 10 questions (how easy is that!? - Eliz, Claire...???).

Well, I'd better head off and clean.  Hopefully I'll have another five minutes spare when I get home to do some more Free Rice before Munchy baby wakes up!


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MaxineD said...

Typical Boyo - at least there is some benefit for someone out of this lot!