Sunday, February 5, 2012

Counting Down!

Only one more sleep before Free Rice Week starts!
Currently, it looks like Aynsley will be taking home the chocolate fish, no worries because she's the only person who has joined my group so far (thanks so much, Aynsley!).  But beware.  Boyo says he is in.  He's not signed up yet, but apparently the thrill of competition is calling.  He will likely try to win.  He likes to win.  Anyone else going to take him and Aynsley on?  After all, it wouldn't really be right to give the chocolate fish to myself.  I've written "Free Rice" across the top of my diary each day this week, and got reminders to flash up in my email system.  Hopefully that's enough to remind me to get online and learn some more country locations, or word uses!  We are blueberry picking on Monday morning.  By we, I mean Munchkin and Mummy.  Daddy will be sleeping.  Then we have at least three social outings planned, plus the usual work.  So I might be doing Free Rice for five minutes before and after work each morning, and before bed!  But it all helps feed hungry people, even if just a few minutes at a time.  And I suppose I could forego a movie this week, and do Free Rice instead.  It is a somewhat more valuable use of my brain and my time.  Grin.
Right, time we were off to get some groceries. I'll see you in the trenches.  Ah, the Free Rice competition!


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MaxineD said...

I have signed in - not sure if I am 'in' your group though, and did 1000 grains today.....