Wednesday, July 13, 2011

40 Sleeps

The countdown is on!  There's no going back now!

I have registered for Live Below the Line!  Feeling very excited.  And very nervous.  You need to realise, there are a few things I am almost paranoid about.  Being cold, being wet (because I get cold!), not sleeping, and being hungry.  I hate being hungry.  I eat before bed.  Literally right before cleaning my teeth.  I carry food in my bag at all times.  I don't remember if I have actually ever done the 40hour famine.  I think I only ever did 20hours as a kid.  Any time I go to a conference, I spent way too much time worrying over what and when they will feed me.  Then I want to hoard it in case they've forgotten that some of us need afternoon tea!  When I get hungry, I get really hungry.  I feel ill.  It sounds rather strange, but I literally want to vomit.  "I feel like throwing up, please get me something to eat!" really is a bit odd, but there you go.  If I don't feel like chucking, I will at least feel dizzy and faint if I get hungry enough.  You get the picture.  I have a fast metabolism, and am obsessive about food.  The thought of being on a very restricted diet for five days is daunting to say the least.  But raising awareness about the issues surrounding extreme poverty is something I am really passionate about.  This is what I'm made to do.  This is me.  So I'm prepared to be hungry. 
I've already been thinking a lot about it.  About food in general actually.  But specifically I realised today there are some foods I will probably NOT be eating.  They cost too much.  When you've got $2.25NZ to eat a day, you can't afford avocado.  You can't afford much actually.  Here are some of the foods I won't be eating or drinking from 22-27 August:

Chocolate, chocolate, how shall I miss you!

Meat of all sorts are likely out

Drinks cost too much and give too little (energy/nutrition)

Fruit.  A sad day it is when I don't get fruit.

I'm thinking that the diet is going to be very boring.  Something like this:

Oats and rice


Beans - at least some protein in there!

 Because it all costs so much!

Per kilo prices at our local bulk food shop

I'll be keeping you informed as we get closer to the Challenge week regarding what we are doing, why, and how you can be involved with us!  Thanks for coming by today.


MaxineD said...

congrats - don't know if I could/would do it....

Elizabeth said...

Good luck - I so couldn't do it!