Friday, July 22, 2011

Connecting the Dots

I just have to share this little story with you!

Last night, I said to my fourteen month old son, "Munchkin, Daddy's going to work now. Say bye-bye Daddy." He immediately stopped what he was doing. "Car!" He said. And waved his hand. "YES!" I said, "Daddy's going in the car, to work. Come and say bye-bye." Before I could get to him, he headed over to the gate by our front door. I usually lift him over the gate and we stand at the front door and wave. It was fairly windy and cold last night, and Munchy already had his cardigan off as we were getting ready for his bath, so I picked him up and stood him on the window sill, window open, so he could say bye to Daddy. He kept wanting to head back to the gate, until Daddy spoke from outside the front door and he realised he could see him from where we were. So we stood at the window and waved bye-bye to Daddy as he left in the car.

I loved experiencing this moment with Munchkin! Seeing him comprehend and link two independent pieces of knowledge was amazing! He's been saying "car" for a little while now, and I often let him know what we are doing next ("Do you want to go outside, for a walk?" "Milk, then nappy, then bedtime, okay."), but I don't usually tell him that Daddy's going in the car, just that he is going to work. The immediate connection he made was just mind blowing!


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MaxineD said...

fabulous moments, aren't they. Just so precious.