Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trying Something New

We tried something new for dinner last night: goats meat.

I thought I'd share our experience with you, seeing as I am winding down for an 'early' bed before starting my week of major study at 5am tomorrow!  Can't study at night without an hour or more to wind down, so I figured I may as well enjoy myself and relax, seeing as I won't be doing much of that over the coming days...first assignment is due in 8 days time.

Back to the goats meat.  I was doing our usual shop, and happened to spot a few small  packets of goats meat on the very top shelf at our local PaknSave.  I have never seen it there before.  It was affordable, and looked good, so I figured we could try some.  I cooked it last night.  Slow roast for an hour with some balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, rosemary, thyme, salt n pepper, and some little bartenders limes we were recently given (which, incidentally, are delicious!).  Then I added a bunch of kumara (sweet potato) and carrot and cooked it at a higher temperature for another 3/4 of an hour.  It was delicious.  The meat tastes quite similar to lamb, which I guess shouldn't be surprising.  But it had a slightly mellower flavour (i.e. not as strong) and was less fatty overall.  I'm keen to eat it again.  It was a bit chewy, but then I've never been very good at getting lamb roasts to come out tender either so that is probably not the fault of the goat!  We had enough meat for one main meal for the three of us, off this small leg, Boyo had some for lunch today and there's still meat on the bone for me to 'soup' tomorrow.  All in all a successful foray into new culinary delights.

I have concluded that if we had land, and it was not suitable for sheep (or even if it was) we could have goats and happily eat their meat.  Not that this is at all likely to happen in the next ten years or so, but hey, it is always helpful to know these things.  Just in case.

Have you tried anything new in the kitchen recently?  Amy


Elizabeth said...

Oh - interesting... might have to think about that as a future possibility!

Aynsley said...

Check out the Mad Burcher... they often have trays of goat pieces with tons and tons of meat on them for very cheap. We love goat and often throw it in the slow cooker... delicious!! It makes a great sweet curry too.

MaxineD said...

I quite like pasture fed goat - when we had a supply of wild goat, I used to put it on a rack over a roasting dish, put some water in the bottom and cover it with foil and in effect steam it - no hassles with tenderness that way.