Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fare Thee Well - But Not Really

Well, I feel a little embarassed.  Here I was, thinking to myself, "I'm being so good, so focused avoiding blogging for the next few weeks until my assignments are done." Then a day later I realised I am committed to doing Live Below the Line on the 22nd of August!  While this is still a few weeks away, part of the committment is to raise funds and awareness of the issues faced by people living in extreme poverty.  I need to be here, blogging, sharing our story with you all.  All the issues below are still here.  I still have two assignments due.  I still have a blanket to finish.  I also have another two assignments due the week after Live Below the Line.  Deep breath, Amy.  It looks like I will be up late, and up early, and very busy in between for the next few months.  My apologies if you are not interested in ending extreme poverty.  You are about to become better aquainted with it, regardless.  The only blog posts likely to appear for the next month are going to be about Live Below the Line.  And there will probably be quite a few!  Hopefully we will all learn something through this process, and be more compassionate people for it.  Amy

I must once again farewell the world of blog-land for a time.  I am annoyed.  I rather like being here.  Study has started again, and I have been landed with two major assignments due in just over two week's time!  ARGHHHHHHH!  Why, oh why do that do that?!?  Of course timetabling is doubly worse in an education degree because we have to fit practicums in (and assignments are not allowed to be due during prac as there's way more than enough requirements involved in prac without anything extra!), so we always seem to end up with a huge pile up of assignments.

Plus I just discovered that my Operation Cover Up Blanket is due for collection by the 15th of August.  GRRR.  I thought I had till the beginning of September.  I think I've got another five squares to do, and then two rows to crochet together.  Do-able, definitely.  But I'm not so sure how much time is going to be available for knitting with those assignments breathing down my neck.  I am determined to get the blanket in this shipment.  Last year's one had to wait and is finally going this year because I didn't have it quite finished.  This one is going.  End of story.  It's just a pity I can't type assignments and knit at one and the same time!  Grin. 



MaxineD said...

All the best - oh the fun of studying!

Elizabeth said...

Will miss you - thanks for the remedy also, it arrived today! Thought L was teething again these past couple of days, but turns out she is actually sick - poor wee thing, horrible day for her today :-(!